Looking for cheap psychic readings, but also want a quality reading for a leading spirit guide?

At Ella’s Psychics we can provide cheap psychic readings – for the price of a cup of coffee you could have peace of mind and clarity on an issue which has been troubling you.

Is it a relationship issue? Are you coping with loss? Or maybe it’s financial or related to work? Wanting to know if a partner is your soul mate, or if it is time for a change?

We can provide readings by your chosen method, whether that  is a live phone reading or text message. Both have advantages.

Cheap text message psychic readings

A reading by text message can be perfect if you have a single question. For example, do you want to know if they love you, or whether your finances will improve or if you will find a job soon?cheap psychic readings

Simply text ELLA followed by your question to 66660 – you will then get a text asking you to confirm your age, reply to this and a gifted psychic will provide a reading and text it back.

Each text costs £1.50 and even for the most complicated of questions you will only receive a maximum of two texts back. We’re not here to give you a big bill, we are here to help you follow the right path.

For no more than £3 you will have received your answer; that’s less than the cost of a sandwich.

Cheap phone psychic readings

A phone reading costs a little more, you can either stock up with credit or call our premium rate number.

But with a phone reading you can choose just which psychic you talk to – have a look at the profiles page and find a guide who seems just right for you. They are all leading UK psychics, but they all have their own methods and different experience. You can see profiles for all our wonderful psychics on this page.

If your chosen psychic is online, why not give them a call. They will help you relax and make the most of the whole experience – we find that for many people their chosen psychic becomes a trusted confidant and life guide; someone they can turn to whenever they need advice or reassurance. Having someone there to guide you, always just a call away brings reassurance and helps you to make life-enhancing choices.

From the UK, a call to a psychic costs 80p per minute plus your phone company’s access rate. Think how much you could pack into 10 minutes, how many topics the psychic could help you with – for less than £10 your whole life could start feeling like it’s fully back on track.

A cheap psychic reading doesn’t have to mean a low quality reading. You need a reading you can rely on, advice today which brings clarity to tomorrow.

At Ella’s Psychics that’s what we offer. Call or text us today.