Psychic readings online are for anyone in the UK who needs that little bit of help.

They are for anyone who needs some guidance, anyone  who needs a non-judgemental listening ear and then spiritual leading.

Ella’s Psychics are experts in all types of readings, with testimonials from our many repeat clients who comes to us for phone readings, text-based services and online psychic readings in the UK.

Please take a look at our profile page for our many gifted psychics, each psychic has written a brief profile of their skills and experience, while the page also shows you who is available right now.

Contact us now and start putting any problems in perspective. Call us on 0161 451 0715 to make a card payment so you can build a relationship with a chosen psychic right now, or we have a premium rate direct service on 09052 760 044. Calling from Ireland? Ring the numbers listed at top of the site.

Want readings via text message? Simply text “ELLA” to 66660 – these readings too also true insight – it is the connection between psychic and client which is important, not the technology used to deliver the reading.

Psychic Readings Online UK – Why Ella’s Psychics?


It is obvious, but there is nothing more important when seeking advice than the relationship between you and the psychic. You need to find someone who you connect with, who can give you the guidance you need whether it’s to do with a relationship, a job, moving, family matters or anything else.

Some of our psychics use Tarot Cards, others have Spirit Guides, others still numerology, or astrology.beach

And there are more still, please visit our profile page which gives detail of all the wonderful psychics at Ella’s Psychics, available as psychic readings in the UK – online, by phone and text.

A wealth of experience

The psychics have hundreds of years of combined experience, individually many of the psychics at Ella’s have more than four decades worth of experience. It is this level of spiritual contact which has helped establish Ella’s as a leader in providing advice and guidance for all elements of online psychic readings in the UK.

What others say

Here are a few quotes from some of our many repeat clients, all people who have allowed Ella’s Psychics to help them through challenging times.

“I was amazed – everything slotted into place after so long. He gave lots of really good guidance and picked up on a lot of issues and situations around me.”

Another client said: “I must say no reader has helped me to this degree as she looked at my situation in a very different way and actually helped me understand exactly what I need to do in a positive way.”

This is what one client said after their reading: “I always feel as if I am talking to a friend. I haven’t been in touch for months, but she remembered me and everything about my situation. She tells you as it is and I know she is speaking the truth, although it is not always what I want to hear. She is a very honest and genuine reader.”

What now?

Have you found the psychic you want a reading from? Now it’s just a case of getting in touch, you can even contact us online for information about psychic readings in the UK.

For a phone reading just call us now, you can add credit or ring our Premium line – details of both here. Or if it’s a text reading you’d prefer, simply text “ELLA” to 66660.

Ella’s Psychics – Get in touch today, bring clarity to tomorrow.