A Tarot Reading by text can bring instant relief and make bring immediate clarity.

Sometimes we need a life guide, someone to help navigate the choppy waters. Other times we just need quick advice, we have a specific, burning question we want answered. This is where a Tarot Text can be invaluable.beach

Is there an issue you desperately need help with? Do they love you, are they the right one, should you take the job, is it time to move? These and many more are the questions one of Ella’s experienced psychics can help you with.

You can send a text today and get an answer straight back. Why not text your question to 66660 right now – the process could not be simpler.

Tarot Text – The Steps

  • Think of your question. This might sound obvious, but it helps to have a really focussed question. If you are after more general advice and guidance, please consider calling one of our psychics for an in-depth reading. You can see profiles of all our psychics right here.

For a text reading, the question needs to focus on just one topic – for example ‘Should I accept the job offer?’


  • Send the question to 66660 with the word ELLA at the front – as an example – ELLA Is he my soul mate?
  • You will get a text back asking for your name and date of birth, simply reply with these details
  • Your reading will now arrive. It will come in a maximum of two text messages, with each message charged at £1.50.

This means that for a maximum of £3 you will get clarity on a key issue in your life!

Text or phone Tarot Reading – the same great service

With Ella’s Psychics, you can be certain than a gifted psychic is providing the reading whether you choose a phone reading or a Tarot reading by text. When your text arrives, it is read by a medium who then uses their skills to provide an honest answer.

A text can also be a great first reading as it is limited to that £3 cost and you will immediately have an answer to a problem or question.

However, phone readings provide a different level of service. Once you have found the right Medium for you, you have found someone who can help in all aspects of life while also becoming a trusted confidant.

We have many clients who have regular calls with their Psychic just to check in and chat through any concerns. To phone a psychic, there is the option of the premium rate, but you can also add credit so that you know you always have something in stock if you need to hear some wisdom from the other end of the line. Find out more about Phone Readings here.

Most importantly, we are here to help. Send that text to 66660 and get a weight off your chest.