In life, we all need a bit of guidance and help through the murky waters – at times this can just be a quick bit of help and that’s where a text to a real psychic can help.

Texting a psychic for real help can help bring clarity to a specific issue. It might be relationship advice, health, financial or dealing with loss. Whatever the concern, why not send a simple text?

At Ella’s Psychics we are on hand around the clock for those times you want an instant reading via text message.beach

Why not send a text to 66660 now – here’s how to do it

Step One –Think of your question:

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth checking your question is focussed enough to be answered in a text message where space is limited.

All the texts have to start with ELLA – so your text might be ELLA Should I take the job or ELLA Are we made for each other or ELLA Should I commit to this person?

If you want much wider guidance across several areas then a phone reading might be more suitable. We have many gifted psychics available for phone readings right now.

Step Two – Send the text

It really is that simple. Send your text – remember using the format ELLA then your question – to 66660. You will get a text back asking for your name and date of birth, after that your reading will follow shortly afterwards.

The reading comes in a maximum of two text messages, each text costing £1.50. For the price of a cup of coffee you can bring resolution to a worrying concern.

Why text a real psychic?

One key reason to text is that you know you will get an answer quickly to an issue which is a concern right now.

You also know that the cost will be at most those two texts at £1.50 each.

However, at times phoning a psychic can be more beneficial. Phoning a psychic helps build up a relationship with them, for many people they find a trusted psychic who becomes a life guide.

They aren’t just someone to call in times of crisis, they are a confidant and someone who can help them navigate all life’s troubles.

But phone or text, you will receive the same quality of reading from our leading psychics.

There really is no reason to delay, send that text now to 66660 – that one text could help bring real clarity.