Do you have something you need guidance on – text message psychic readings can bring clarity and answers, helping you to chart a way through any concerns and problems.

Text message psychic readings can unmuddy the waters, they can bring closure to worry and help you plan for the future.

The issue might be about a relationship, a job, whether to move, whether someone is your soulmate, financial worries or anything else, sending a text message can provide answers.

At Ella’s Psychics, when you text a question you will receive exactly the same high-quality service as when you phone for a reading. Your text is read by one of the UK’s leading psychics and spirit guides, they then undertake a reading which is sent back via text.

The process really could not be simpler, in a matter of minutes, any time of day or night, you could have a reading which makes things so much clearer; so much more manageable.

Send a text now to 66660 – here’s exactly how to do it.

1) Think of your question

This might seem too obvious to mention, of course you need a question. However, it is worth just checking that your question is focussed, is it about a single issue where a response will be possible in one or two texts?

If you are after more general advice, or a chat through a range of concerns and worries then a phone reading might be more suitable. For phone readings, there are many gifted psychics online right now and by reading their profile you can find one who seems just right for you.

But if you have a focussed question, then that is perfect for a text. Texts have to start with ELLA, so examples might be ELLA Is he my soulmate? ELLA should I take the job ELLA Will my relationship improve?


2) Send the text

The next step for text message psychic readings is simply to send the text!

Remember, you need ELLA at the start, compose your text and send it to 66660. You will then get a text back just asking for your anme and date of birth, reply to this and your reading will arrive shortly afterwards.

Your text will be read by one of our trusted guides who will then provide their reading and send it back.

The reading will come in a maximum of two texts, billed at £1.50 per text. For the price of a cup of coffee, or a short bus journey you can bring real peace of mind.



Why seek a text message psychic reading?

We believe that text message readings perfectly complement phone readings.

By phoning a psychic you can build a real relationship with them, they can act as your spirit guide with any issues, and many people like to arrange to have regular conversations with their medium of choice. By having a look at the profiles of our psychics you can find one who seems just right for you.

But text message psychic readings are for when you need advice and help on an issue right now; when you just want to send a single question and a few minutes later have a clear path forward.

However you get in touch, whether by text or phoning you will receive the same superb service.

Why not try Ella’s Psychics by sending a text now, send that one text now to 66660 and for the price of a cup of coffee you can have real clarity.