Text tarot readings are a wonderful way to get help with a single issue which has been playing on your mind.

With text tarot readings you can have clarity in a matter of minutes. Wherever you are, whatever the time, you can text Ella’s Psychics and receive a reading back via text from one of the UK’s leading spirit guides.

It is as simple as typing ELLA followed by your question and sending to 66660. You’ll get a text asking you to confirm you’re over 18, reply and then your reading will arrive promptly.

And how much would you expect this service to cost? Incredibly our text tarot readings cost no more than £3 – the cost of two text messages (the maximum we will send).text tarot readings

For less than the cost of a sandwich, for the price of a coffee you can get a reading which can change your life for a better. Text ELLA and your question to 66660 now.

Tips for Text Tarot Readings

When you text Ella’s Psychics you can be assured that you will receive the same high level of service as when you call a psychic.

We see the two services as perfectly complementing each other – phoning a psychic is a great option when you have a range of questions, want in depth advice and readings and will have follow-up questions.

If you are interested in a phone reading, you can see all our wonderful psychics on this page.

And with a text tarot reading you will also get insight from one of these spirit guides.

All you need to do is write a focussed question, something which lends itself to an answer in no more than to texts.

For example, your question might be ELLA Is he my soulmate? Or ELLA Should I take the job or ELLA Is it time to end my relationship?

A more general ELLA Where am I going with my life would be a question more suited to a phone reading where the Medium can ask follow-up questions and give a far more in-depth reading.

A text tarot reading can be a great introduction to getting spiritual guidance. You can find out if readings are for you, or check that the insight proves helpful. We are certain they will; you will not find a more experienced and skilled range of spirit guides than those offered here at Ella’s Psychics.

All you need to do is type ELLA then your question and send the text to 66660. Three pounds – that’s the most it will cost, and by sending the text today you bring clarity to tomorrow.