Send a text and receive a Tarot reading – it really is that simple, and with Ella’s Psychics you can be assured that the reading is from the same leading UK psychics and spirit guides who offer our sought-after phone readings.

The ability to get a text Tarot reading means you can bring clarity to an issue, or get peace of mind or see the path forwards in an instant.

It might be a relationship concern, a financial worry, a life decision or something else entirely. Whatever it is, sending that one text can change so much.

When you text Ella’s Psychics, your question is read by one of our mediums, who then, using their chosen method, performs a thorough reading to provide an answer.

It really could not be simpler to receive a text with a Tarot reading. Any time day or night, just send us that question and you will have a reading just minutes later. For the price of a cup of coffee, you could help resolve something which has been playing on your mind.

Why not send your question to 66660 now; here’s all you need to know.

1) Compose a question.

We know, this sounds obvious, however it is worth checking that the question is focussed, the sort of thing which can be answered in a relatively short message.

A suitable question will focus on just one issue; if you want advice and a reading on a wider range of topics you can of course send more than one text but we would recommend considering a phone reading. You can find the perfect psychic for you right here if a phone reading doe appeal.

Texts have to start with ELLA and so examples of the right sort of questions might be ELLA Should we stay together, ELLA I am thinking of leaving my job – should I? or ELLA Have I found ‘the one’?

2) Send the text to 66660

You have composed your text (starting with ELLA). Now all you need do is send it to 66660.

Almost immediately you will get a reply asking for your name and date of birth, reply to this and then your reading will arrive shortly afterwards.

Readings are provided by one of our top psychics and come in either one or two texts, charged at £1.50 per text.

This means the reading will cost £3 at the most, yet it could provide an insight which is truly invaluable.





What are the advantages of text Tarot reading?beach

At Ella’s Psychics we have long been known as one of the true leaders of phone readings. We have many of the UK’s top psychics, each with their won experience and method, yet all able to provide readings of the highest order.

We are proud of our collective work, acting as guides for many people through all the important steps in the complex modern world.

Our text service builds on this. We realise that you might not always want a phone reading, there might be a single, burning issue which you want some help with. The text Tarot service caters for this need, you can fire off a text at your leisure, and within minutes have a response.

In short, the text service means you always carry guidance around with you. If you have access to your phone, wherever you are, whatever time, you can get a near-instant reading for just a few pounds.

We would love to help you with whatever the concern or question is that caused you to search for Tarot Readings by Text.

Why not try Ella’s Psychics by sending a text now, send that one text now to 66660 and for the price of a cup of coffee you can have real clarity.